8 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Your Brain

Brain damaging activities
Sleeping with a head cover
Sleeping with your head covered can also damage brain! Covering your head with a scarf or winter cap while sleeping deprives your brain of the requisite oxygen content as well as spikes the carbon dioxide levels, which is detrimental to the brain.
It goes without saying how cardinal your brain is to you and your body. It is what that separates us from animals and makes us ‘superior’ of all, only if we knew how we, through some of our activities and habits, are tarnishing it. As creatures of some of not-so-healthy and wise habits, we sabotage the efficacy and strength of our brain, which then reverberate on the overall processes of our body. The following mentioned are everyday habits that we engage in that can harm our brain.
Forgoing breakfast
Many of us don’t know the significance of breakfast. Not only does breakfast make an important meal of the day, it also has a significant impact on the activities that you undertake in a day. After hours of sleep, our brain is in need of essential nutrients to kick start its functioning. However, by skipping breakfast, we don’t just deny our brain of its essential fix of energy but also compel it to seek for high calorie and unhealthy food options.
Excess consumption of sugar
Our body takes liking to sugar like a duck to water. From its first taste, sugar hooks into our brain and makes it want to consume it in unduly amounts as it activates its reward centers. In addition to creating excessive addiction cycles, high sugar consumption is responsible for cognitive ailments, depression, memory impairment, etc.
Those who hog out on unhealthy food expose themselves to the risk of heart failure, obesity, metabolism malfunctioning, mood swings, diabetes, and a host of other grave problems. Overeating, too has a similar effect on the brain as that of high sugar consumption. It releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone that gives a high to the brain. Overeating alters the biochemical constitution of the brain as well as creates craving cycles that wreak havoc on the brain and thus our body.
The deleterious effects of smoking don’t just manifest on our lungs and heart but also our brain. Nicotine, in addition to causing the release of dopamine, also causes the cortex to thin. Thinning of the cortex is associated with memory impairment, anxiety, depression, and also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.
Working despite not feeling well
What most of us don’t realize when we work despite feeling unwell is that we are encumbering our already feeble brain. Even during sickness, our brain is actually working to throw the bacteria out of our body and regulating our immune system. So, by saddling it with extra work, not only are you damaging its efficiency but also changing its focus from restoring your health.
Depriving yourself of sleep
Sleep is cardinal to the functioning of our brain. It is during our deep sleep cycles that our brain initiates processes that help our body to purge toxins. Sleep deprivation also disrupts cellular regeneration as well as kills the brain cells, which can cause severe cognitive impairment as well as neurode generation in those who already suffer from disorders.
Not engaging in brain-stimulating activities
Our brain needs to be engaged in stimulating activities like thinking, writing, and talking, because that’s what it is MEANT FOR! Those of us who are not training their brains enough, it might just shrink, and that’s definitely what you would not want to happen to you.
Air pollution
The air we breathe is a toxic amalgam of gases and has little oxygen in it. However, oxygen is like a life-saving drug for our brain and so when we inhale the vitiated air, not only does it robs it from its imperative supply of oxygen but also damages it.

Bad Family Habits and How to Change them

Habits are repeated actions performed by an individual when faced with a particular situation. Whenever the situation occurs, the behavioral activity or action occurs. But, yes, situations cannot be avoided every time, instead they can be replaced with something else.
Bad habits are easy to pick up and follow, but the effects start showing on one’s health and lifestyle. The sooner one realizes this, the better it is for one to change. You cannot all of a sudden put an end to bad habits, but you can change them with time. So, put in a little effort and with good habits, you can experience a transformation.

A Grubby House
Bad Habit: The entire house has things in disorder, kitchen sinks stained, dusty rugs, sooty kitchen shutters, and the worst part is that you don’t even have a place to eat or sleep, because it’s either covered with toys or clothes. A home is a place where you feel relaxed and at ease. But when you are not putting any effort to clean your messy house, then the kids are getting a wrong message.
Changed Habit: Put on some loud music and hand over gloves and scrubbers to your family members and start cleaning. Gather your husband and kids and make cleaning fun and interesting, like who cleans more gets more points, and the member with highest points will be allowed an extra hour of sleep.

Bad Habit: Busy routines leave no time for workouts. But even when there is opportunity, we don’t exercise. We engage that extra hour in sleeping or watching our favorite series. As parents if you don’t exercise, it sets a bad example for the kids. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to serious problems like obesity and high blood pressure.
Changed Habit: Start listening to some motivating workout songs and make it a rule in the house that on weekends or mornings, the entire family goes for a walk or jog. Initially, start with a workout that can be done by all the members, then move on to individual preferences.

Eating Habits

Bad Habit: Nowadays, it is rare to see the entire family having dinner together. The aroma of home-cooked food is now mostly replaced with the aroma of fast food and ready to cook food. Dinning table conversations rarely occur because someone is busy messaging on the phone or someone is watching television. The essence of family warmth is losing its charm.
Changed Habit: Be in charge and be stern about it. Even if everyday as a family you cannot have dinner together, make it a point to have dinner together at least once or twice a week. Collect everyone’s mobiles and keep them away from the dining area. Make the place cozy and comfortable by dimming lights and lighting up candles. Voila! You have a perfect family dinner.

Being Busy

Bad Habit: In a family everyone has their individual jobs or routines but as work pressure increases, your family time decreases. Parents become busy in their own work shifts, and kids remain busy in their extracurricular activities. Nobody really knows what is going on in each other’s lives.
Changed Habit: As a family, you people need to balance your work and personal life. Take time out of your busy schedule and plan for family get-togethers. Make a schedule and spare time where all the family members have to be present and abide by the schedule religiously. Go out for a brunch or play some family games, talk, and share your experiences and resolve issues. These activities make family bonding stronger.

Budget Planning

Bad Habit: Every family has a member who is a shopaholic or spendthrift. Kids get spoiled when no one pays attention to how much they spend. Then, finally on a rainy day or an emergency, you don’t have enough savings to solve your difficulty.
Changed Habit: Keep tabs on the allowance you give your kids and if they need more, go through their requirements and ensure that their demand is genuine, only then hand them the extra amount. Keep a record of monthly expenses and savings, then accordingly plan for the upcoming month and from savings always keep aside a fair amount for a rainy day.

Special Days

Bad Habit: Many a time, it happens that anniversaries and birthdays just pass like normal days. And even if there is a plan to celebrate, someone definitely misses it. Work excuses need to stop for not celebrating anniversaries or special days.
Changed Habit: Plan special things for special days. Show commitment and don’t let work come in between special moments. Keep the party small but do celebrate, because such occasions are the only moments that one can treasure.

Prefer Driving To Nearby Places

Bad Habit: For every small reason the car is taken out, whether it is walking to a nearby friend’s house or nearby school.
Changed Habit: Make a habit to walk and inculcate the same in your kids. Walking not only provides health benefits, it can also save you fuel.